Strasbourg September 2014

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Hey, I'm heading down to Strasbourg in september 2014 for one semester. who else is in the same boat? Any advice?? :)



Hi Gabby,

I'm Adrien, and actually I live in Strasbourg. And I'll be back in october there if you need help.

It's a very nice city to visit, people are nice and for student it's great!

What do you want to know?


thank  you for your reply! Just wondering what's the student accommodation like? how much it is for living costs,nightlfe etc?:)what to expect really!

Student accommodations are usually clean and tidy. It's depend of what you are looking for, but for example I pay 370€ (including heating and water) for 20m² the electricity is not included but it is around 20€ for 2 months. I spend around 200€ per month in supermarket and fast-food or restaurant. I like to go out and I can spend 200€ a month in bars and clubs. If you need to use the tramway or buses you can have month unllimited card for around 24€ (see at A tiket for 1hour is 1.60€, if you buy 10 tikets it could be less than 15€.
I don't know where are you from but Strasbourg is a relly nice city to go out, there are many bars and clubs, it is a nightlife city too, there are many student and foreign student too.

I think Strasbourg is not a really expensive city, exept if you want to drink alcool in clubs. Indeed I think bars and clubs could be more exensive than those in England but alcool in supermarket are cheaper. You can go to a german shop (around 15 min by bus from Strasbourg) to get alcool, food and cosmetics more cheaper than in France.

I am available if you hava any other question.

Hello, my name is Lorena, I'm a brazilian law student. I'm going to Strasbourg in september too. Actually, I've just received my acceptance letter from the Faculté de Droit de Strasbourg (yay). I'm proably going to stay in a university dorm. It would be very nice to know everybody who's going, before the arrival. Gabby, where are you from? what do you study?

Hello Gabby and Lorena :)

I am going to Strasbourg at the beginning of September too! :) I am going to study at EM Strasbourg for one semester and I still hesitate between "colocation" and university residence.

What about you? Are you sure that you want an accomodation at university residence?  

I didnt think about "colocation", because the a idea of sharing a appartment with someone I don't know yet is very strange for me (that is what "colocation" means, right?). I dont know if I would be confortable with that. 

Anyways, I still dont know if there will be a vancancy for me at the university dorms. Why haven't you decided yet, Domenika? Also, where are you from? :)

Hey I'm from the uk . I am going to IEP hopefully in university dorms! :)

Well, finally I also decided to accomodate at university dorm...:) I come from Slovakia- little country in the hearth of Europe :)

and by the way, which university dorm have you chosen? :)

Hi there :) i am an italian law student and i'm going to be in Strasbourg from august until december for the erasmus placement! if you have any information about accomodations in Strasbourg or you need a roommate pls contact me! hope to get to know you in september !:))

Hey Giulia! I hope everyone get to meet each other in september. I've chonsen Paul Appel dorm, Domenika. Maybe we'll be neighbors :)

Hi everyone! I'm Tammy from Spain. I am also going to Strasbourg in September to study Langues Étrangères Appliquées. It would be nice to know someone before arriving. I have applied for acomodation near the University but I still don't know which one I will be given. I will be doing an intensive course so I'd like to know if any of you will be there by 18 August :)

Lorena- I will be in Paul Appell too! :) So yeah, we will be surely neighbours!

Tamara, I am coming on the 2nd of September:)

Hi guys! I'm from the UK and I'll be in Strasbourg from September to January to study Lettres Modernes. I'm applying for Cité U accommodation right now - maybe I'll see some of you in September :) 

Hey! I'm Patrícia a portuguese law student, i'm going to Strasbourg from September to January. If you have any information about accommodation our you need someone to share a house say something pls!  See you soon :)

hey patricia, im looking for some accomodation any infact! 

Hey guys, I've been assigned a dorm in the Cité U Alfred WEISS. Is anybody staying there? I'll arrive in Strasbour august, 28. I hope to see you soon. 

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