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UCA-To rent a flat in Cadiz

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Since i m going to cadiz in february I need a flat and would be happy to get some advise on the best way to look for it . Any one else that are going to study next year, or have been and want to share experiences?:)

I am going in February as well... ans I am also looking for housing.

Good luck! Check out this link:

Renate let me know if u find any thing! If there's a flat with 2 rooms we can share if ur interested. Javier: thank you for the link, the problem is that they are quite old.... I hope I get lucky! =)

hey Rikke... yes...
my e-mail is: [email protected]
keep in touch


Before to start, excuse my english, it's so basic. French is better for me ;)

For to help you, I met 2 french students who leave an apartment. I have been inside and it's so cool: good situation, big enough... The price I think it's different for each room: between 250-300 €, I remember. They're 4 girls, but the others are going to life in Cadiz untill June. I don't win anything with this, it's only an advice (they're my friends)!

If you want to talk with hers, I could give you some mails:

[email protected] --> her name is Solene
[email protected] --> this is mine (Rafa)

If you have another problem, write me by Erasmusu or by mail (mail is more secure)

And...welcome to CADIZ!!!!

hola yo os ecribo porque tengo un piso con habitaciones libres en un palacio gaditano en el centro de cadiz, si estais intersados podeis escribirme [email protected] o llamar al 675 66 18 55

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