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Hello everyone, 

I will be an exchange student at Beuth Hochschule für Technik next winter semester. My dormitory is Hafenplatz at Kreuzberg. I am actually not happy about this because it is more expensive than other one and it doesn't have shared kitchen. I heard that it's hard to meet other exchange students in this dormitory for some reasons. Is it right? Can anybody make me calm about this :D 

I wish you a fantastic Erasmus experience.. 


I am gonna be there as well this fall semester at hafenplatz and i study at beuth too. I m quite sceptical too about this dorm situation but i hope it wont be that bad

Thank you for your reply Francesca! :) I hope we will meet in Berlin. My flight will be on September 6.

See you 

I'm gonna be there the 5th. Feel free to contact me

A mostrar 1-4 de 4 entradas


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