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Information about Vannes. Please help.

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HI, guy! i'm an italian student and mybe i'll go to Vannes for my Erasmus. 

i don't know french and I would information about life student in the city.

Are there any erasmus students? 

what about the university? Is it good? 

Is worth an erasmus in Vannes? 

Thanks ^_^

Hi ! 

Well, Vannes is not very famous for its student's life but this is really a good city, to my mind. it's near the sea, well ok it's cold, but it's stil the sea ^^ But every Thursday nights, the majority of the students like to hang out, we go to the different bars which are around the port, there are several restaurants, and lots of students go to the nightclub then, of course this is not the best, but when you're with firends that's ok ! 
And moreover, there's a lot if things to visit around, there are beautiful places, and you would certainly have the possibility to go to visit a bigger city. 
I d'ont really if there are a lot of erasmus students, in there, but i know there are some.

Then it depends in which university you will go, there is the UBS which is bigger than the other one, the UCO. Personally I'm in UCO, and I think I was lucky enoughto be in a good class so I like going there. It really depends on people you're with. :) 
That's all, I hope I answer your questions, and if you have other ones, tell me ! 


When do you arrive to Vannes ? In fact I'm actually a student erasmus in Valencia (Spain) until the end of june. But I come back to Vannes in July, so I know erasmus life, what you need to know...If you want I can help you when you arrive (it depends on the date), but it will be a pleasure to give your more informations ;)
I agree with T.Corniquel, it's a beautiful city,  there are erasmus students, but I don't know how many. You can't bored you in Bretagne, just don't stay all the time in Vannes, you have to discover others cities (Nantes, Rennes, Lorient), and you have to see all the nices see lands ;)

I've actually (in Spain) an italian girl roomate from parma ;) where are you from ?




Thanks for the information about Vannes :) I hope to enjoy!! i'm going to study at UBS , ( facoultè de droit , economie et gestion ) 

I will arrive in Vannes on Agoust ( 25 /08/2014) , completely Alone!

I'm looking for an accommodation , but i don't know if to live in an appartament on in a student residence , can you give me a suggestion? 

I'm Sicilien , but i live in Teramo (Abruzzo ) for to study. 

ps: I apologize for the late reply. :D 


Ok, if you need me to give you a hand when you arrive, tell me. I know where is the facutly, it is just 10 minutes from the center. I

It depends on what you want. There are a lots of appartement for students in the center, many for 1 person and less for 2 or 3 persons. If you prefer to live in an appartment I suggest you to be with roomates. But appartments are more expensive than student residence, except if you have one appartment for 2 or 3 persons. (If you prefer to leave in an appartment I suggest you "le bon coin" or private agency).

You have to look the student's residence's prices in Vannes because I don't know exactly the price, but in general there are cheaper than an appartment for 1 person. But in students residence it is very difficult to have roommates.

According to me, the best is to have an appartment with erasmus or frenchs roomates except if you find something cheaper in a residence.

bye =)

P.S: If you need me don't doubt it.

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