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Looking for buddy for Erasmus in Thessaloniki 14/15

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My name in Lenka, I am from Czech republic, and I am going to attend Aristotle university in Thessaloniky, from half of September 2014 to February 2015. I would like to find  someone to help me with living in the city or with traveling, maybe accomodation too :D

Thanks a lot, I am looking forward :)

 Hi, I'm from Bulgaria. I will be at Thessaloniki from 1 September 2014 to the summer 2015. I will be a student at academy for dance(flamenco). I need a roomate.

OK, I want to go before 1 September, then seek for accommodation...ok? :)

Hey, have you already found a flat to stay? I am coming to Thessaloniki September 18 for one semester, but don't know where to stay yet. If you had any info, please let me know :-) Thanks Aneta M. Czech republic

hello I'm from Thessaloniki if you want we can contact to suggest you some rooms

Pokazuje 1-5 z 5 wejść


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