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Erasmus Thessaloniki 2014 / 2015 (English)

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Welcome to the forum for Erasmus Thessaloniki 2014 / 2015!

This is the place where Erasmus students, or any exchange students, that are headed for Thessaloniki in 2014 / 2015 can introduce themselves and get to know one another before they arrive. Introduce yourself to the forum and ask any questions you may have about the city, the University, where to stay, where to eat, the prices and cost of living in Thessaloniki, places for Erasmus parties or any other question you may habe. Here you can also find:

Warning! If you want to advertise an accommodation or your are looking for one... the forum is not the place for doing that. In order to advertise your accommodation in Thessaloniki or in order to find roommates don’t use this forum, go to the accommodation section of Thessaloniki.

Livin' la vida Erasmus!


I'm a Spanish guy from Sevilla. I've been given 9-10 months in Thessaloniki to study English Studies. I hope to meet students of other nationalities!

See you soon!


I'm from Portugal and i'll be in Thessaloniki during the next winter semester. I look forward to meet new people there. 

See you soon :)

Hi, I'm French and I'll be in Thessaloniki next year in order to study English as well. I'd like to meet people from other countries, and share some good tips especially about accomodations there. Thanks !


I am a student from Germany and will be staying in Thessaloniki from mid August for 6 month. I look forward to meet a lot of fun people and get to know the beautiful country of Plato, Aristotle and Archimedes.

Hello everybody!

I'm a french boy who will stay in Thessaloniki between mid-june and September the 30th. I will do my intership during this three month and I'm looking for accomodations during this period. I will enjoy a colocation to discover the town, the country, the people and everything possible but a simple flat/ room will be great.

I hope that somebody can help me in my accomodation quest.

Thank you 


 Hey, I'm student from Turkey. I will be in Thessaloniki in next year for the second semester and will be studied English Language and Literature in Aristotle University.  I hope to meet many people from other countries :) 

Hey, I am a student from Romania and I have been in Thessaloniki since June and I will be here untill  mid of September.I am working as a book restaurator. I hope to meet and make friends from other places :D

Hi! I'm from Paraguay! I will be in Thessaloniki from september to March for English Studies. I have already been looking for accommodation. Any advice? The thing here is that you need a premium account in ordert to contact most of the property advertisers :( Have any of you found anything yet?

Hello everybody !

I'm a student from Lyon, France and I'll be like most of you (I guess) studying at the Aristotle University next year. I'm currently looking for an appartement in Thessaloniki, so If anybody have some kind of advice, that will be cool, I think we're all going through the same situation. Anyway, hope to see some of you guy there :)


I am Kemba, a Erasmus Law student from England and am due to start studing at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for the year. I am looking for a private room in a shared flat (with two or three others). I am already in Thessaloniki and would love to find somewhere within 10 mins walking distance of the University. Get in touch if you also are looking for accomodation or have any available :) 


I am Lok Bahadur Baral from Nepal and want to make and meet friends from many countries. I will be at AUTH between October last 2014 to August last 2015 I welcome people to know about me and my country.


I am Claudia from Romania. I am currently studying in France until February, but after I am coming to Thessaloniki for spring semester, at ATEITH.

Looking forward to meeting you guys!

By the way, do you have info about accommodation? I don;t mind sharing a flat with girls and boys, but  I  would like the appartment to be in city center.


Hi everyone, 

I am Caroline from France and i'll be in Thessaloniki next month for an internship. I can't wait to discover the city, new way of life and meet people from everywhere ! As most of you, i'm looking for accomodations. If you have advices, experience to share or if you are in the same situation don't hesitate to contact me :-)

Hope to see you soon !


I am Carla, a Catalan student from Barcelona. I am coming to Thessaloniki this February in order to study Journalism and Mass Media Communication in AUTH. Looking forward to meet you all! 

By the way, does anyone know when is going to be the orientation week for spring semester students? 

Thank you!

See you soon :D

Pokazuje 1-15 z 15 wejść


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