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This is a thread for anyone who wants to find people in Las Palmas! 

This is for searching for friends, apartments etc.. anything!

Anyone who wants to hang out! Im here too.  ^_^

Hi Tom,

Can u gimme guide me about visiting Las Palmas ? I will be visiting for the first time?

Hey Puneet, I will try my best to help you. What would you like to know? When are you visiting?  :)

Tom, I am planning for first week of May, maybe for 2-3 days.

Hello! I'm coming to Las Palmas next week and planning to stay until august. I'm starting a traineeship there, so I'm looking for a flat to share with other students & young workers. Does anyone know of something available? :)

Hey! This might be a bit late as you've already moved here.. But if you haven't found something you can always try the Spanish websites (Idealista, fotocasa etc).. Let me know your situation maybe I can help out :)

Hi Tom! Thanks but I've already found a nice flat :)

Perfect! Enjoy the Island ^_^

Hey Tom,

I'm a student from Germany and will do an intersnship at Plocan for three months (May-July) and I'm still looking for a shared flat or a room! I already looked on idealista and fotocasa but didn't find something, yet. Do you know something in that area? Or is anyboday reading that and has a free room/flat?:-)To my person, I like to be outside doing sport like climbing, kitesurfing diving or other interesting things....

Thanks for any help or tips,


Hello Tom,

my name is Pia and I am a german student. I started an internship one week ago in Las Palmas for 4 month. I would like to meet  new people, learn spanish and get to know the spanish culture. I am interested in trying new sports, dancing and exploring the island :-)

Just contact me.


Hello Pia, my name is Denisse but you can call me Denn ( i prefer). I live in Las Palmas since I was 6 years and no September i will travell to Dortmund, German. Where are you from? If you want we can speak more :)

 I'm 23 and you? 

Hello Denn :-)

I am 24 and I actually live in Dortmund and study there. Are you doing a semester abroad or an internship? If you need any help, I would be happy to do it :-) 

Pokazuje 1-12 z 12 wejść


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