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Campus belle beille or house

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In January I'll go in Erasmus in Angers . The university gives me a chance to get a room on campus Belle Beille . But I am hesitant because I don't know if the campus is far from the city center and if this is a problem for exit at the night. So I don't know if take a room in campus or search a room in the centre of the city. Can anyone help me?

Yes matteo, the campus is a bit far from center! But you can choose to pick a room in the middle, in a neighbourhood like the Doutre or Avenue Pasteur, which are not so far from uni and at a walking distance from the city center. 

Me too!! I have the same doubt!

Can you let me see where I can find rooms? A web site...

You can check on Le Bon Coin, you search for location. You'll probably find something. Or you can ask to the Bureau des Relations Internationales of the college. 

i don't know, i had to fill a 'candidature en ligne' on the website of Angers' University and after that I book a room in the residence. Finally, i think I will be on Campus Belle Beille :)

I don't know what to do :( and i don't understand where the centre is...I'm searching some houses but i don't know really where the centre is...Can you tell me a street or a place where people go during the night?

Rue St Laud, Avenue Foch, Rue Parcheminerie, Place du Ralliement, Rue Boisnet and around those are the main places to go out

Pokazuje 1-8 z 8 wejść


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