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21 year old girl & hoopdancer is looking for accommodation in Amsterdam

  • Intrek datum: 9 februari 2019
  • Minimaal verblijf: 4 maanden

Hello! My name is Bo Demullier, I’m 21 years old. I study Garden and Landscape architecture in Brussels. From February till May/June I have my internship in Amsterdam. I will help de municipality with an urban development project in Amsterdam South and I will also help with the renovation of the Rembrandt park. As it is impossible to go back and forth from Brussels to Amsterdam, I am looking for a room in this period. 

Are you looking for the exotic experience of an international student without a language barrier? Do you think English with a Flemish accent is extremely cute? Can you use my chocolate- and real Belgian fries expertise? Stop looking further!

Besides all this I have other things to offer you: I love dancing with my hula hoop, a beautiful flow art, very entertained to look at. Expect a cool light show every evening with my ledhoop! I like to spread to hooplove around the world 

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