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  • Nuovo!
    Proficiency in English (Ecpe,ielts) with limited experience

    15€ all'ora

    • flag-gr Nikolaos · Insegna: Inglese
      Parla: IngleseC2 · ItalianoB2 · GrecoNative

    Hello!My name is Nick,26 years old from Greece.I would love to start my career as a teacher because i like to communicate with people and help them re...

  • Tibetan Reiki Sessions & Teaching Spanish/English

    10€ all'ora

    • flag-co Irene · Insegna: Spagnolo
      Parla: IngleseC2 · SpagnoloNative

    Hola! Hey there, I am from Colombia, currently living in Prague, Cz and I've been travelling the world for the past 7 years. I love alternative healin...

  • Professeur de français natif certifié du projet voltaire

    9€ all'ora

    • flag-fr Labasse · Insegna: Francese
      Parla: IngleseC1 · SpagnoloA1 · GiapponeseA2 · ItalianoB2

    Hello! Ciao! Bonjour! こにちは!Je m'appelle Titouan Labasse et je viens de France. J'ai décidé de travailler dans l'éducation car j'adore aider mes étudia...

  • Profesor particular con 5 años de experiencia - Estudiante del ITBA

    11€ all'ora

    • flag-ar Tom · Insegna: Inglese
      Parla: IngleseC2 · SpagnoloNative

    Hola! Mi nombre es Tomás, tengo 23 años y soy estudiante avanzado de Bioingeniería en el ITBA. Soy profesor particular hace varios años ya, de varias...

  • Cours particuliers de francais / clases particulares de francés

    15€ all'ora

    • flag-fr Amélie · Insegna: Francese
      Parla: IngleseA2 · SpagnoloA2 · FranceseNative

    Bonjour; Étudiante en comptabilité et gestion en France, j'effectue une année de césure à Alicante. Pour cela, je propose des cours particuliers de...

  • Portuguese Classes (A1-B1) for Erasmus Students

    15€ all'ora

    • flag-pt Francisco · Insegna: Portoghese
      Parla: SpagnoloB1 · GermanC1 · ItalianoB1 · PortogheseNative

    Hi, I'm Francisco and I'm a law student in Lisbon. I was born in Lisbon and I am fluent in English and speak German reasonably well. First of all, wel...

  • Italian erasmus student of languages gives italian private lessons

    15€ all'ora

    • flag-it michela · Insegna: Italiano
      Parla: IngleseC1 · FranceseB2 · ItalianoNative

    Hello! I am Michela, a 24 years old student from Italy. I'll spend one semester here in Cluj, where I'm currently studying at UBB, faculty of letters....

  • Certificate 6.5 in IELTS in English. French student in Warsaw

    30zł all'ora

    • flag-fr Inès · Insegna: Francese
      Parla: IngleseC1 · SpagnoloB1 · PolaccoA1 · RussoB1

    Hello, I am a student in France at Sciences-Po, and I am currently an exchange student in the city of Warsaw. I would like to make the most of my Er...

  • Native English language tutor with a work experience of 5 years in teaching

    10€ all'ora

    • flag-in ROHAN · Insegna: Inglese
      Parla: IngleseNative

    Hello, my name is Rohan and I am a native English speaker. I am a management student here in France at EDHEC Business school. I have been teaching Eng...

  • Professeur en cours de préparation de l'agregation mathématiques

    15€ all'ora

    • flag-mr Ahmed · Insegna: Arabo
      Parla: IngleseB2 · FranceseB2 · ArabNative

    Je suis actuellemnt en préparation du concours agrégation mathématiques et j' ai un master en mathématiques appliquées. Comme j' ai choisit d' être un...

  • Certified TEFL teacher with 2 years experience

    5$ all'ora

    • flag-sz Dlamini · Insegna: Inglese
      Parla: IngleseNative

    Hello ! My name is Lexy and I'm from Swaziland. I've made teaching my career and I major in English language. I believe everyone needs to learn Engli...

  • I am fluent in English language with a IELTS academic score of 7.5

    90kr all'ora

    • flag-in Fathima · Insegna: Inglese
      Parla: IngleseC2

    I hail from India, currently pursuing a Master's in Artificial Intelligence and automation. I have an IELTS score of 7.5(Academics). I enjoy helping o...

  • Certified English and Spanish teacher, also possible to live-in

    25€ all'ora

    • flag-es Margaret · Insegna: Inglese
      Parla: IngleseNative · SpagnoloNative · FranceseC1 · ItalianoB2 · ArabB1 · RussoA1

    Hi, hola, bonjour, English and Spanish teacher. Learn online, face-to-face, or live-in are a great way of learning quickly and efficiently. My name...

  • Native English Speaker looking to help kids

    10€ all'ora

    • flag-us makenzie · Insegna: Inglese
      Parla: IngleseNative · SpagnoloA2

    My name is makenzie and I am from USA! I have Nannied for about 5 years and tutored for about 1 year. I speak native English and want to help your kid...

  • SPANISH CLASSES with latin accent. Community tutor.

    10€ all'ora

    • flag-ve Jose Miguel · Insegna: Spagnolo
      Parla: IngleseB2 · SpagnoloNative

    Hello, I'm Miguel, a Venezuelan guy living right now in Greece and I want to share my language with this sexy accent from America latina. If you want ...

  • English Teacher.I am taking English lessons online

    15€ all'ora

    • flag-tr Noor · Insegna: Inglese
      Parla: IngleseB1

    My name is Fakiha.I am from Pakistan.I live in Istanbul.I am 19 years old.I want to teach students from garde 1 to 6.I was studying English from my ch...

  • Italian native teacher with University Degree

    10€ all'ora

    • flag-it BENEDETTA · Insegna: Italiano
      Parla: IngleseB1 · SpagnoloC2 · ItalianoNative

    Hello! My name is Benedetta and I'm italian from Florence, but I live in Spain. I would like very much to teach you my native language at the level yo...

  • Native Italian speaker with previous teaching experience

    15€ all'ora

    • flag-it Jana · Insegna: Italiano
      Parla: IngleseC2 · GermanC2 · ItalianoNative · SlovenoNative

    Hello! Ciao! I am Jana, an international Italian student currently living and studying Economics at Forward College in Lisbon. I would love to help yo...

  • Estoy buscando profesor nativo para clases particulares de aleman

    12$ all'ora

    • flag-co Andres · Insegna: German
      Parla: SpagnoloNative

    Hola soy andrés y necesito un profesor particular de aleman nativo (ya sea de alemania suiza o autria) para clases un par de veces por semana por 2hor...

  • Elise 20 años - Clases particulares de francés

    20€ all'ora

    • flag-fr Elise · Insegna: Francese
      Parla: IngleseB2 · SpagnoloC1 · FranceseNative

    Hola ! Me llamo Elise soy francesa y tengo veinte años. Actualmente estudiante Erasmus en la Universidad Complutense, me gustaría tener la oportunida...

  • Spanish lessons for English and German speakers

    10€ all'ora

    • flag-ec Pablo · Insegna: Spagnolo
      Parla: IngleseB1 · FranceseC1 · GermanA2 · ItalianoB2

    Dear Friends, I come from Ecuador, Spanish native speaker, and I studied education at the University of Mainz, Germany. I like a lot of foreign lang...

  • English teacher with years of experience in ages from 8 - 45

    12€ all'ora

    • flag- Nicole · Insegna: Inglese
      Parla: IngleseC1 · SpagnoloNative

    Hello! My name's Nicole, I have been teaching English for 3 years now. I think teaching is more than just making someone learn a new way of communicat...

  • Clases de dibujo y pintura 2 años de experiencia

    9€ all'ora

    • flag-es Lara · Insegna: Gallego
      Parla: IngleseA2 · SpagnoloC2 · GallegoNative

    Graduada en bellas artes y estudiante de máster en diseño y diseño de moda. Doy clases de dibujo, pintura y artes plásticas. Apoyo a nuevos estudian...

  • Profesora de español con 1año de experiencia dando clase

    8€ all'ora

    • flag-es Lara · Insegna: Spagnolo
      Parla: IngleseA2 · SpagnoloC2 · GallegoNative

    Licenciada en letras y graduada en Bellas Artes. Celga 4 en gallego Nativo español B1 ingles (Pequeños dotes en italiano y portugués) Se dan cla...

  • English/swahili tutor with 5 years of experience

    10€ all'ora

    • flag-ke Bernadette · Insegna: Inglese
      Parla: IngleseNative

    Hello! Jambo! My name is Bernadette Makena from kenya, I am a English /swahili tutor as I am planning to travel the world and need an income, it's my ...

  • Conversational skills and variety to your English/ Swedish

    7€ all'ora

    • flag-fi jenny · Insegna: Svedese
      Parla: IngleseC2 · FranceseB2 · SvedeseC2 · FinlandeseNative

    I'm a Finnish woman living in Izmir. I've worked for years teaching Finnish and Swedish to refugees and immigrants, as well as tutoring Swedish and En...

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