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Looking for a flatmate!!

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Hi everyone,

Im Mishty! I will be coming to Paris this September to do my course in Fashion Business for the next three years. Im looking for someone whom I can share an apartment with. I love meeting new people and I love animals. I am a very fun person when I'm not sleepy haha. 

Please let me know if youre looking for a flatmate aswell!!


Hello Mishty, I'm with other girl form Madrid and we found a nice apartment in district 13th, the flat have 3 beds so we are  looking for the third flatmate, the price per person is 690 aprox! so if you are interested, send me a message :)


Hello Valeria, I’m a girl from Barcelona who would be interested rent a room from September to December. 

Thank you! :) 

Helloo, my name is Daniela, I'm Mexican and I'm also looking for roommates to share an appartment with or if anyone already has an appartment if I can join, I'm going to Paris from Septmeber to December and I have a budget of 550 euros per month.

Please let me know if anyone is interested!! I'm super sociable, funny, I like to go out a lot and meet new people. Thankss:)

Mostrando 1-4 di 4 pubblicazioni


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