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Erasmus in Lodz 2011-2012

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Hey there!

I'm Xènia, a student of Dentistry, from the Universitat de Barcelona and I got into the Erasmus programme in order to go and study in the Dental School of the Universytet Medyczny w Lodzi the very next year. I was wondering what's the university and the city like and if anyone who has been there would recommend the experience! Thank you very much!!!

I am coming to study to Lodz to next year and I found some info about the city (general information, how to reach it, public transport, food, pubs, shopping, climate, money,...)
but the problem is that i have it in a pfd file and i cant finde the site where i downloaded it from again
but if you want you can give me your email address and I'll send it to you there.

que tal se esta por Lod?

Mostrando 1-3 di 3 pubblicazioni


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