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How to learn Turkish?

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I am Carmen Crespo, a Spanish student who is living in Istambul for Erasmus. I will be here for one year, and for the time that I have been here (one month), I had some problems that I would like to share in another discussion, but those problems became bigger because it's difficult to find people in here who Speaks English. So to comunicate with people in here, is important to know at least some basic turkish words. And like I am getting more, and more interested in the Turkish language, I am thinking about taking Turkish lessons for foreingers. 

That is why I am asking if someone knows a cheap Turkish academy, or somewhere where I can learn Turkish. I wanted to go to my university courses, but my schedule wasnt compatible with the course hours. 

Hello Carmen. I think ı can hep you. If you learn Turkish you can write me.. 

Hii. I want to improve my english too. I can help you about turkish language. I want to meet to you. Send me message 

Hey Carmen! i hope you're doing well, i had the same problem when i came to Turkey for the first time as a student, i've studied 4 levels of Turkish language and i feel better now, so i can make discussion with turkish people and friends, i suggest you this center within the staff and teachers are so cool and they act students as friends : "KediCat Turkish Language Courses" located in Beyoğlu/Istanbul.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help, good luck to you.

Hi, I need you to fill out this questionnaire for my doctorate thesis. Its purpose is to evaluate the country image perceptions of outgoing and arriving students with international exchange programs. In addition, if you have friends who came to Turkey just like you, I would appreciate if you can share this link with them. Thank you in advance for your support.



Turkish is usually considered as difficult to lelea. It has so many rules with exceptions and can be challenging to most. But of course, there are tips and tricks. 

I would be glad to help as much as I can. Reply if interested.


Mostrando 1-6 di 6 pubblicazioni


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