Krakow 2015-2016!

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Hello to everybody!!! Next year (2015/2016), I will live for 5 months in Krakow, and I will study in Jagellonian University! I Would know everything about this places!! How is the city, nightlife, accomodation, life's cost... and others things you know!! THANK YOU!!!!

Hello!! i will live for 9 months and i will study in jagellonian university too. Im searching for a residance near the university, in the center. I have found that the best nightlife is in Plaza mayor. Polonia is cheap, and the food is wonderful!

I will be studying at jagiellonian university too during the winter semester..are the university facilities good and what about the university's accommodation? :)

I don't know a lot about that... do you know if is better stay at the university's accomodation or looking for a room in a private flat?

Hi Guys!

According to your questions :

1. The most important is to know which department on Jagiellonian you will be study here. JU has 3 campuses in DIFFERENT part of the town, one in strict old town, one in district called RUCZAJ and one in PROKOCIM. If you want to check flats, find agency called, there you will find plenty of flats so you can compare and check the prices. 

  • if you will study at Old town, most of people live around Main Market Square. Cost of fully furnished bedroom is 1200-1500 PLN all included (with internet wifi and heating costs)
  • if you study at Ruczaj, I would advise you to live near RONDO GRUNWALDZKIE or RONDO MATECZNE, you have from there direct tram which takes 20-30 minutes to your school, but still you're quite close to the old town (10 minutes by tram, 30 minutes walking distance
  • if you study at Prokocim, doesnt matter :P Is really far away (40 minutes at least by 9bus/tram), but tram and bus connection is exellent. If you decide to live there flats are very cheap (600-900 PLN per bedroom)

2. Night life is what Cracow is famous of :D The biggest party place is around Main Market Square with lots of bars, disco's, pubs and whatever you wish for.

Nowdays, very popular is Jewish district which is part of Old town (from MMS is 20 minutes walking distance), most of Cracovian are going to the party there :P

There are plenty of "Vodka bars" with every drink (shot of vodka, beer etc ) for 4 PLN ~ 1 Euro and every food for 8 pln. Always full with Erasmus :D

3. Life costs, food is quite cheap comparing to western EU countries 

Sample average prices :
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant :20.00 zł
Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 100 PLN
Milk (regular), 1 liter 3.00 zł
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 3.00 zł
Rice (1kg) 3.00 zł
Eggs (12) 6.00 zł
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 4.00 zł
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) 90.00 zł

Do you need any other info? :D

See you in Cracow!

hello!! i would find some people for share a flat in Krakow for the next year... who are disposable for it? I don t know yet the place, but i want looking for it with other guys... i ask just no smokers, and friendly people... Contact me!!!

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