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Erasmus Sevilla 2013/2014

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Hola! I am an Italian student in Dublin, Ireland. Next September I will join the Erasmus project in Sevilla. I would like to know some informations about the city. Probably in August I will look for a house and I will be glad If someone could help me and give me good advice! 




I'm Camille, a French student in Biology from Reims and I will study in Sévilla for the first half year 2013/2014.

I saw in other forums that lots of students who will live in Sevilla this year will arrive around the 10th september, spend days in (I don't know how to say that in English, "Auberge de jeunesse": Youth hostel?) until they find a room or a flat to rent with other people.

I think I'am gonna do the same.

There is a welcoming day for the Erasmus students the 17th september, maybe see you here =).


Voici 1-2 de 2 posts


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