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Hello people!
I'm Caterina and I am an Erasmus Italian student.
I will stay here in Prague for about 3 months.
I study biotechnology and I will work in a research centre called "Crop Research Institue" or "VURV" (in Czech language), In Prague 6.
I live in Prague 2.

I would like to know other Erasmus students, Italian or not, to spend nice days togheter in this beautiful city!

If you want......keep in touch with me! :)


Hey Caterina :) I'm sure you will meet more people if you introduce yourself in the English topic :)
Welcome to the forum!!

Hello Caterina ;)

hellooooooooo, hi Anais, hi Emre!!!! :))
Great, you exist and answered me! Yeahhhh ;)

Anais....where is this English topic in which you're suggesting me to write?
Sorry, I am new (*embarassed face*)! this one! :)

Voici 1-5 de 5 posts


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