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21 year old UK girl going to Paris looking for roommate/accommodation Sept-June

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Hey! I'm Katya, I'm a student from the UK and I am a fun, outgoing person looking to find a few people to live with starting at the beginning of the academic year, around September, finishing around June (but can obviously be flexible on these dates).

I'm 21 years old, and looking to live with like minded people who enjoy going out to  restaurants, bars, sightseeing etc but also I obviously know when to work hard as well :)

My university is Paris Descartes, in the 6eme area, so living somewhere around here would be good, but like I said, I can be flexible.

Hey Katya,

I am a 24 year old female student from Germany and I`d love to share an appartement...
My university is in 16th disctrict but I guess it should be fine.

I love travelling, going out + getting to know people. UK I love as well ;)
So If youre interested, just let me know ;)

Cheers, Corinna

Hey Corinna

Yes that would be great, I'm currently talking with a girl from Spain and we have been looking at some apartments together, have you found any yet? We could perhaps look at some 3 bedroom places. Do you have a budget for how much to spend per month? Most apartments in arrondissements 1-17 are about 700 euros minimum usually.

Ah, have you been to the UK before? I live in Brighton :)

I'm currently in Amsterdam but will be back home on Tuesday night, so I may not reply straight away.


hey, sorry to intrude but i've just seen your messages! have you guys all paid the premium to join because I can't decide whether or not its worth it.. have you found anything? I'm in a pretty similar situation so any advice about how you've been looking would be much appreciated :D

Hi Katya, its Patrick from Sussex! I'm in Paris too this year also (september for 9 months to a year), so hopefully see you there! If anyone is looking for accomdation, I am also. Hope all is well pal

Hello katya if you are looking for a flat

Please contact me. Valérie 

Hey! I've only seen this now!

Are you still looking for a place? :) My landlord is searching for two people still!

Neeve! :) ( a 20 year old Irish girl)

Voici 1-7 de 7 posts


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