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Moving to Turkey - questions

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Hi everyone!

We hope that you are all doing weel these days. We are writing here to know if someone could help us with a school project, since next year we will be participating in an exchange in Turkey.

We are looking for someone turkish that could answer us these questions. First of all, about the gastronomy, we would like to know how to cook a pilav.

We would also like to know your schedules for sleeping and eating. Where you live, is it safe to roam around the street? And to go from one place to another which is the best  public transport? Could you name us some famous Turkish singers? Which type of music do they perform?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best wishes 


Hello! I will be delighted to answer this thread. I am Spanish and I have been studying in Istanbul for a year and I can assure you that it is one of the worst cities I have been in, the mafia and street crime are common things there. I have seen that you were asking about gastronomy and I can only say that the food in general is disgusting, the only dish that is worth it is the kebab and it is not a big deal either, coming from a Mediterranean gastronomy changing to the Middle Eastern food is a horror, everything It has a very strong flavor and really rare flavor combinations are made. I spent a whole year eating from international chains like McDonalds for that reason. Another thing that is even sad is hygiene, the streets are full of garbage, the means of transport such as buses are at least 30 years old and it seems that they have never been cleaned. But the most shocking of all is slavery and misogyny so normalized. The worst experience of my life. Never again.

felipe barbados, dude are you sure you came to Istanbul, I have been living here for more than 10 years now; have seen 0 mafia, streets are so much cleaner than almost all European cities I've been to (more than 10 probably including Paris, Hannover, Essen...). Gastronomy is GREAT and so rich and every person can find something that he/she will absolutely die to eat another time. Bus and metro are so much better than in Paris. SLAVERY, WHAT THE HELL are you talking about?

Voici 1-3 de 3 posts


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