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Erasmus in Istambul - Where should I live ? (2020-2021)

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My name is Tom and I am actually looking for some advice. Well, I have just been accepted to the Erasmus exchange program. I am supposed to study in Istambul, in the University of Marmara (Anadolu Hisari campus) during the first semester of the 2020/2021 scholar year.

Firstly, I have never been to Istambul. I am searching for a place to live. However, I really want to live in a good place where I can find other students, where it is animated in the evening... But I know nothing about Istambul! So I was just wondering if someone could tell me in which areas should I look for a studio. 

Moreover, as my university campus is located in the north-east of the city, I would prefer to not be very far from it (less than 1h to go). But also I would really like to live close to the center of Istambul. I am sorry if there are too many conditions. And if it is impossible then just tell me!

I have done my little researches and I found a place which is named Arnavutköy. Tell me if this area could be good for me!

Thank you very much for reading me! I can't wait to be there!


Voici 1-1 de 1 posts


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