the city of Craiova

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Hello all! 

I know this forum is for students, I am very sorry to disturb, but it is really hard to find information about the city of Craiova. 

I am Germana, I will come to live in Craiova by May. I am moving with my family because of my husband's job. 

We lived in different countries already, I normally get all information by myself, but about Craiova it seems to be a bit harder. 

I basically would like to know how the city is, if there is the possibility to be in touch with an international community or other expats, what about international schools/kindergarten ( or at least private schools with other foreign languages), private hospitals, where to live in the city... 

Thank you for your understanding and sorry again for going out of the main topic of the forum. 


Voici 1-1 de 1 posts


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