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  • Stone Gate

    Source Hi there! If you have been roaming around the Upper Town visiting the important instutions and historical sites... there must be one more thing some of you had visited but were curious about it... or just passed by not noticing anything. I would like to share a...

    0 by Grgo, 5 years ago
  • Zagreb Funicular

    Hey, if you are in Zagreb there is one more thing you should not miss. It is about one of the main symbols of Zagreb and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. Let me tell you a few fun facts every "Zagrebčanec" knows about the place. The word is...

    0 by Grgo, 5 years ago
  • Park Bundek

    Bundek is one of the several popular and biggest parks and lakes you can find in Zagreb. It is located in Novi Zagreb-East just between the neigbhourhoods of Središće and Zapruđe and the river of Sava. Bundek is actually the whole area between the two bridges and the...

    0 by Grgo, 5 years ago
  • Plitvice Lakes

    The park consists of 16 lakes, numerous little waterfalls and beautiful green surroundings. The lakes are situated on different levels and naturally connected to each other. The Plitvice Lakes are also the home of Croatias biggest cascade, called “Veliki Slap”,...

    0 by Charlotte, 6 years ago
  • Splitska jezera

    Peace and smell of pure nature, find the sense of life and feel the harmony... Close your eyes and just enjoy. Make sure you climb to the top and take in the viewpoints on both sides. It took me almost 8 hours to get up the hill... The most beautiful turquoise water......

    0 by nouna, 6 years ago

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