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  • Looking for a single room in verona from march to june

    Hey, everybody! My name is Stepanka, I am 24 years old and I am a student of Masaryk University. I am looking for accommodation in Verona from March to June up to 400 euros per month including fees. I am going to Verona to study under the erasmus+ programme. I speak...

    one month ago
  • I am looking for accommodation.

    I am a student at the University of Verona studying economics. I am desperately looking for a room(single/shared) with a maximum cost of 350. I am a calm and orderly man, and I don't smoke. Thank you

    5 months ago
  • Chica de 23 años buscando alojamiento compartido en Verona

    Ciao/Hola/Hello! Me llamo Laura y estoy buscando una habitación para quedarme desde el 1 de septiembre hasta (al menos) finales de diciembre. Si hay un piso con una habitación (uso individual) para alquilar, estaría interesada. Soy respetuosa y ordenada. Si alguien...

    7 months ago
  • I am looking for a Shared room to stay from 1 October

    Hello everyone, I'm Hulya Aydin. I will come to verona to do erasmus in october. I will be studying at the Academy of Fine Arts. I am compliant and organized. I am looking for an affordable room where I can stay from October 1st to February 28th. I would be very happy...

    7 months ago
  • 21 year old student looking for a room in Verona near the university

    From London but can speak some Italian and french, studying italian for my year abroad here till the end of july. Desperately need a room ASAP. I'm 21 looking for something near the university, ideally something with a proper kitchen including an oven but beyond that...

    one year ago
  • I am Searching for a room in verona:)

    Hello ı am  Halil.I am studying interior design in Turkey.I will be in Verona this march.I am looking for a room which is not really far way to the Academy of Art Verona.I am really energetic and funny person :)).I will be really happy ıf you can give me a decent...

    one year ago
  • 20 year old girl searching for accommodation in Verona :)

    Hi ;) My name is Léonne and I am a student from Ghent, Belgium. I currently study Interior design. I´m looking for a room in Verona to stay. If possible I even prefer to live with other people, as long as I have my own room. I am a happy and open person who loves to...

    one year ago
  • Looking for accomodation

    Hi! I 'm Maria and I come from Greece! I will be doing an Erasmus Internship in the University of Verona and I 'm looking for a place to stay! I have been sharing my apartment for several years so I have previous experience in living together ith several people in the...

    2 years ago
  • I searching for a room near the university area

    Hello! I am a Moroccan Master's degree student in Medical Biotechnology in Morocco. This semester I will be working on cancer research as part of my degree's final project.  I am searching for a room, preferably near the hospital or the university area.  I am very...

    3 years ago
  • Two people looking for two rooms from August to November.

    We are two 3rd -soon to be 4th- year medicine students looking for a place to live in the upcoming fall. We would like separate rooms and would be happy to live with other students! We are both social people, interested in meeting new people and exploring the Italian...

    3 years ago
  • Looking for a single room near University.

    Hey guys, I will come to Verona at the 14. February and i am looking for a single room. I will stay for one semester in Verona. I study science of education and i am looking for friendly people to live with. My hobbies are playing football, Inline-Skating and watching...

    3 years ago
  • Italian student is looking for an accomodation close to the chemistry building

    I'm a master degree student at the University of Bologna (Italy), looking for accommodation from the beginning of March till the end of August. I'll take part in an Erasmus project for the next six months so although I'm a very sociable guy, I'll spend most of the time...

    3 years ago
  • Biology researcher looking for a room for 3 months in Verona

    Hello! :)  I am looking for a cheap room for the months of March till May of 2020 in Verona. Please help an Erasmus student out! :D  I am not a smoker, very quiet, have no pets, and will be spending the majority of my time away from home. I do not care if it is in a...

    3 years ago
  • 20 year old girl looking for a flat to join in Verona!

    Hi there, I’m a Spanish and Italian student from England doing a semester abroad in Verona, looking to improve my Italian skills! I would ideally like to find a single room to stay in from September to January/February. If anyone needs an extra person to live with I...

    3 years ago
  • 28 year old girl from germany, looking for accommodation in Verona

    Hi I´m Lisa 28 from Cologne, Germany. I´m will study in Verona from 15 th of September for a half year. I´m looking for a room in a dorm with other nice people:) I´m looking forward to get to know the city Verona and the people there. I want to meet nice people in...

    3 years ago
  • Female mature student (30) looking for a room or studio apartment to rent for at leats 9 months

    I am spending the year in Verona studying and exploring this beautiful city. I am looking for respectful and easy-going flatmates who will help create a fun and relaxed atomsphere at home. Im very sociable and clean, and love pets so animals are no problem for me. I...

    3 years ago
  • Room near the Academy of Fine Arts

    I'm looking for a single room near the academy of fine arts of Verona. I'm friendly expecting to learn italian with a native :)

    3 years ago
  • Accomodation for three girls in Verona

    Hi! We are three portuguese students searching for accomodation in Verona, preferebly near by Università Degli Studi di Verona! We are from Universidade Católica Prtuguesa, in Porto, and we study law. We would like to find a place where we can stay togheter, but not...

    3 years ago
  • 23yo Girl looking for a single bedroom in Verona

    My name is Romina Dam and I'm a Peruvian girl studying in Germany! This semester I will be part of the Erasmus program in Verona. I'm shy at the beginning but end up being very social, I like meeting new people and making friends for life! I'm pretty clean and I love to...

    3 years ago
  • 24 year old male looking for accommodation in Verona

    I am a Vietnamese student who is studying in Verona. I am looking for accommodation for the next academic year. I need a room (single if possible) in a safe, quiet place in Verona (borgo roma/ borgo venezia). It does not have to be in the center. I wish to have a place...

    3 years ago

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