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  • Pyynikin Munkkikahvila

    Finland has this special donughts called munkki. Normally you can find it in pretty much every store or cafe.  However this place makes the best ones. Having weekend breakfast after doing some nice walk around the Pyynikki is a locals tradition.  FYI, they have...

    0 by Burak, 6 years ago
  • Kaleva Church, Kaleva, Tampere, Finland

    Kaleva Church (or 'Kalevan kirkko' in Finland) is a cathedral located in Kaleva, Tampere, Finland. It was built in the 1960s and it is I think the biggest church in Tampere. It is a modern looking church and not classical. There is a cross on the roof it looks something...

    0 by Can, 6 years ago
  • Pispala

    Pispala is the best and most beautiful neighbourhood of Tampere. It is the home of many Finnish aritsts, celebrities and intellectuals like authors and poets. The houses there are distinctly different and very nice. All either one or two stored houses with gardens and...

    0 by Can, 6 years ago

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