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  • The Waffle Factory

    The Waffle Factory is situated in Strasbourg, specifically in the Rivetoile Shopping Mall, just outside the city centre. If I was going to talk to you all about a waffle shop in Benidorm yesterday, then today I bring you something similar from Strasbourg, albeit...

    0 by Lottie, 3 years ago
  • Restaurant Marco Polo

    This restaurant is located in the historic quarter of Strasbourg, known as Petite France, in the Ponts Couverts area, very close to the Barrage Vauban [Vauban Dam]. I recommend that you ask to be seated on the restaurant's terrace that overlooks one of the many canals...

    0 by Lottie, 4 years ago
  • 231 East

    The fast food restaurant, 231 is a very good place if you want to eat quickly, on site or to go. It's found on Place St. Etienne, close to Flams and Meiselocker in the heart of Strasbourg. I went there for the first time during the Christmas period, then a few days ago....

    0 by Beth, 5 years ago
  • Au Pont Saint Martin

    This magnificent restaurant is located in Strasbourg's la Petite France; this area being considered a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1988. From the outside, it resembles another charming cottage that can be found in the area or otherwise, a restaurant of luxury, in...

    0 by Beth, 5 years ago
  • Le Meislocker

    It's a typically Alsatian restaurant next to the place Saint-Etienne in Strasbourg where you eat very well. Its young chef welcomes you warmly into his restaurant, in simmering you up some delicious dishes. Having been during the Christmas period, I was entitled to a...

    0 by Beth, 5 years ago
  • Le Thomasien

    Le Thomasien is a restaurant in Strasbourg in la Petite France and it's a very good choice to go to in order to eat or dine with your friends or family. I have been there three times. It's not a cheap place but nor is it very experience, so for some special occasion or...

    0 by Beth, 5 years ago
  • Crêpe'oz

    On the occasion of my best friend's 26th birthday, we ate around ten in this creperie. Having never been before to this kind of restaurant, it was an evening of discovery for me. First of all, we were greeted very warmly and noticed that many more groups had come to...

    0 by Beth, 5 years ago
  • Au Brasseur

    This typical French brasserie is located in the centre of Strasbourg, very close to the cathedral and to the canal surrounding the city centre. It's on a corner and the awning is maroon. You can't miss it. It was the first restaurant I went to in Strasbourg and I highly...

    0 by Beth, 5 years ago
  • Tentations

    Tentations is somewhere where you can eat cheaply, quickly and with great food. It is a small place located in the historical centre of Strasbourg, really close to the cathedral rear. You can only order risotto or spätzle to eat and you can eat it in or most commonly,...

    0 by Beth, 5 years ago

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