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Erasmus blog Sofia

  • Sofia City Guide

    Sofia is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and dates back to the 5th century BC. Back in the days, lots of tribes were inhabiting the region including Thracians, Celtics, and Slavs. Later, the Romans took over it and ruled for some time, before the Bulgarian...

    0 by Alexandrina, 2 years ago
  • The NAA, your new home

    Hello! Now that I have been acclimated more or less to this country and to the residence, I'll tell you a little more about how my university works. At least the painting part. My university is made up of several buildings. The main one is the National Academy of Fine...

    0 by Ana, 3 years ago
  • Sofia, an Introduction

    My home city is Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. From my experience abroad I have learned that people don’t know much about Sofia, nor Bulgaria. My country is a small one, just right next to Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, and Macedonia. We have a seaside and lots of...

    1 by Bo, 8 years ago
  • Veda House (Tea House)

    Veda House is one of the several great and original bars/tea houses in Sofia. It has an amazing atmosphere due to certain home-made objects, dim lighting... I do not know really.... There is just something about Veda House. Source Veda offers a great variety of teas,...

    0 by Bo, 8 years ago
  • Made in Home restaurant

    Made in Home is another peculiar restaurant in Sofia. The interior decoration is very interesting: pictures on the wall (I mean directlly on the wall), hand-written menu, good cuisine. As the title suggests, there are home-made dishes, such as home-made pasta. Here you...

    0 by Bo, 8 years ago

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