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  • Arctic Snow Hotel

    Have you ever heard of the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen? If you have, you most likely know his most famous tale called "the snow queen". The story tells us about two children, one of which became frozen by the Snow Queen. Well, this entry is not about the fairy...

    0 by Nika, 8 years ago
  • Norway

    August 24th, 25th and 26th, Me and my friends from the EILC organized a trip to Norway. Who doesn't want to see Norway? We rented a car and two vans and went on our way.I have to say, I was scared to go on a car where young people were driving, but they were good...

    0 by Maria, 10 years ago
  • Ranua Wildlife Park

    August 17th, Me and my mates from the EILC were taken by our dear tutors to Ranua Zoo to see arctic animals. When we got there we immediately noticed there was a chocolate shop from Fazer, we went there and it was just candy all over! And they were not so expensive as...

    0 by Maria, 10 years ago

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