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Erasmus blog Rovaniemi

  • [Survey] How does an Erasmus scholarship affect a relationship?

    This week we bring you a question that is in mind of many students who plan to leave or have been abroad. We want you to help us with the eternal question. How do you think an Erasmus scholarship affects a relationship?

    0 by Diana, 3 years ago
  • Finland Crazy Roadtrip

    The story of the crazy roadtrip to Finland with my friends. We traveled by car and stayed in a tent and a motel during the trip. November 24 - 26 It's day 1, 6:00 am, here we go, ready for takeoff, for the long planned roadtrip to Finland. Day 1 consisted of a lot of...

    0 by Sanne, 4 years ago
  • Rovaniemi for beginners

    Everyone connects Rovaniemi and Lapland in general with Santa Claus and Christmas. I won't hide it that you can feel the Christmas spirit through the whole year here BUT there are more than this. You need to come here to see the Northern light, to see the 'ruska' -...

    0 by Iliyana, 4 years ago
  • Poll: What do you do with your luggage when you are heading to your ERASMUS destination?

    We asked our facebook fans how they were dealing with getting their stuff into their luggage, if they were needing someone sitting on the suitcase to close it, or if it was a piece of cake… We got plenty of answers. Some of them hilarious, some of them even useful for...

    0 by Erasmoos, 10 years ago
  • Does more expensive university fees translate into a better quality university?

    “Education is a long-term investment for the future of a nation”. This belief is starting to “lose some of it past meaning” for Spanish journalist Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte. In his blog Guerra Eterna, funding his assertions in economic data, points out that the...

    0 by Erasmoos, 10 years ago
  • Ganador de Razones para ser Erasmus

    El concurso Razones para ser Erasmus acabó anoche a las 00. 00h. Nos disgustó mucho que a última hora surgiera una agria polémica en torno a las reproducciones en Youtube. Esta situación nos exigió un esfuerzo extra al equipo de Erasmusu. Tuvimos que estar...

    0 by Erasmoos, 10 years ago
  • Poll: What is the best option to make phone calls abroad in your ERASMUS?

    @JTravieso asked us a few days ago on Twitter (@Erasmusu) what we thought that was the best option in what telephony refers to. We thought that this was an excellent chance to figure out what you opinion is, or what experiences you have in the use of phones abroad.

    0 by Erasmoos, 10 years ago
  • Poll: What was the hardest part of studying abroad?

    “It’s an awesome experience” or “It’s something that is going to change your life”. We all have heard this expressions when you to another country to work or study. Most of them are clichés. Moving temporally to another country to work or study implies a...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago
  • Can\'t wait!

    Two weeks and two days until I start my (slow) journey to Valencia! :)) I will spend my last weekend travelling from Lapland to South Finland, spending some time with my friend. We'll go to Helsinki where I meet some of my friends and Monday morning I have the flight to...

    0 by Suvi, 11 years ago
  • Still in Finland

    Let's start with telling you all who I am. I'm 21 years old girl from Lapland, graduated 2010 from Vocational Upper Secondary School as Tourist Activities Organizer. Sounds complicated, right? Well, I can say that I do everything what includes serving customers coming...

    0 by Suvi, 11 years ago
  • Learning Agreements broken because of Co-Official Languages

    “A few History students refused to take their lessons in Spanish after two Greek ERASMUS students asked for it. After this happened, they dropped the course. ” This is how David Garcia remembers his last year at the University of Lleida. David, a philologist, had a...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago
  • Poll: Is there a real chance of learning foreign languages without living abroad?

    During the last few weeks we've been dealing with controversial topics such as politics and young people level of involvement. This time we want to discuss if it is possible to learn new languages by only living in the home country. Nowadays there are educational...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago
  • Second Erasmus Staff Training Week

    Lisbon is going to held from 27th June until Friday 1st July, this Erasmus Staff Training Week (STWF) will focus on the topic 'Internationalization' and members working in the international relation areas of universities within Europe, they don't need to be...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago
  • News of the week!

    Erasmusu is lately quite concerned about political issues at European level, that is why our weekly poll this time is about young people involvement in politics. Enter and take part! The results of our previous poll are alarming and clearly show our users’ opinion...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago
  • Irish leading desires of working and studying abroad

    An eurobarometer survey has revealed that more Irish students are interested on taking part of their education abroad, 67%, compared with 53% of the European students willing to do so. Although only 27% have wishes of working abroad for longer periods. Library of...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago
  • Poll results: Are politicians giving the importance it deserves to education and studies abroad for university students?

    Today a new poll has been published in order to find out our users’ opinion regarding how involved young people are in politics, you can enter, vote and share your comments: Should young people get more involved in politics? Graph by Goce Mitevski The idea of this...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago
  • Poll: Should young people get more involved in politics?

    We have been discussing lately the level of concern that politicians have on education, now is moment to reflect on the involvement of young people. It is common to think about politics as something alien to us, but why are we so upset about then if we are not concerned...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago
  • Top Tips: Leisure time

    You are ready with the task at the university; it is time to slow down so try to enjoy the environment where you are living in. It is just one year and certainly you will find hundreds of activities which are either rare or you just never thought about them in your home...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago
  • The Aarhus Declaration underlines importance of EU investment in education, research and innovation

    The declaration is the result of the EUA’s (European University Association) annual conference that took place last month at Aarhus University in Denmark, which focused on the role of universities in developing talent in Europe. Europe’s political leaders are...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago
  • Poll results: What economical support is your better choice to fund your international study stays?

    The new weekly poll is already available, this time the question is if politicians are really doing their best to promote quality in university studies, and exchange programms that bring infinite advantages for those taking part on them. You can vote and share your...

    0 by Erasmoos, 11 years ago

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