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Erasmus blog Rouen

  • Jeanne d'Arc: a historical walk through Rouen

    Stumbling upon the church of Jeanne d'Arc When I first found myself in the most central spot of Rouen, the Old-Market square (La Place du Vieux Marché), I was met with the sight of a very peculiar building, a church of some sort. It was bizzare and, rather peculiar,...

    0 by Zoe, 4 years ago
  • Meeting the Erasmus family

    Making friends Hey again! Remember how I mentioned that finding good friends in your Erasmus exchange programme might seem like a huge issue at the beginning? Well, let me tell you, in Rouen (and I bet in most cities) you will meet a lot of people, seemingly, out of...

    0 by Zoe, 4 years ago
  • Waking up and taking action

    A cloudy morning Opening your eyes in a new, to you, city and country as a whole, can be exceptionally scary if you do not know what in the world is going on there. In the case of Rouen, and the region of Normandy (Northern France) in general, this feeling can get...

    0 by Zoe, 4 years ago
  • My first day in Rouen

    The train ride from Paris As the train accelerated by the minute, we left the urban landscape behind and started passing by forests and plains. It was the beginning of March, and the landscape was still harsh on the eye, the trees were withered and the sun shone bright...

    0 by Zoe, 4 years ago

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