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    Giulia's experience in Pescara, Italy

    How did life in Pescara look like? Would you recommend it? People in Pescara live well, it's not a very big city so it's quite easy to move around and find places to hang out and meet up with friends. To spend one's free time, there are plenty of sport facilities, shops...

    0 by Federica, 3 years ago
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    Hello everyone, I was a Erasmus student in Pescara-Italy. I would inform for every futur Erasmus students about an announcement in Pescara. I stayed in Luciano Viola's room and i can't take back my deposit. He's a cheater and he didn't pay my deposit.  His rooms...

    0 by Ibrahim, 3 years ago
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    Erasmus Experience in Pescara, Italy by María

    Why did you choose to go to Pescara, Italy? Honestly it was my last option, but today I have to say that I am super happy to have been living there, because life there is not too expensive and, as it is almost a village, you can go wherever you want by bus. Source How...

    0 by maria, 7 years ago
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    Erasmus experience in Pescara, Italy

    Why did you choose to go to Pescara, Italy? Because of the people of there.. they are very nice.. and you can do everything with them.. and pescara is so silent and relaxing.. you can have party and relaxing time.. Fuente How long is the scholarship? How much money do...

    1 by Mustafa, 9 years ago

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