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Erasmus blog Oslo

  • Oslo: A Perfect Weekend Escape.

    Hello! Welcome once more to this blog Today I'm going to tell you how I spent a spectacular weekend in Norway, specifically in Oslo. Impressive! Ignore the comments about how boring Norway is, because I was impressed. In fact, I loved it. It is clear that it is always...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • A student Trip to Norway can be cheap

    If I say to you that Norway is the most beautiful country in the world, everyone would agree with me on this. However, most of you have actually heard that it is too expensive to travel to Norway, and since you are still a student your budget would never be good enough...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Oslo 2.0

    Day 10: August 9th After arriving in Oslo, we went searching for our hotel. In the evening, it started to rain again. However, we still decided that we wanted to do the laundry, so we went looking in the pouring rain for a laundromat. Once in the store, we met a nice...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Oslo

    Day 1: July 31 Today we flew from Amsterdam to Oslo. My first time flying from Amsterdam Schiphol. This airport is huge: easy to get lost in! The flight and train ride went smoothly. After checking in to the hotel (Citybox) we went exploring the city. We walked along...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Nostalgic Norway: Another Heaven on Earth

    I must be very small when I first heard of Norway. I had always heard of its name whenever there was a talk about countries with the highest standard of living, high salaries and yes, high cost of living. Even before seeing any pictures of it, I had always imagined a...

    2 , 6 years ago
  • Art in Norway... Erotic in Spain?

    You may ask of what bullshit I'm talking about with this title. True? (otherwise, my attempt to shock failed). Well, I will tell you about Vigelandsparket or the Vigeland park, which is no more and no less than Oslo City's biggest park (patapeeeesh - or the sound of...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • To have the world

    I always hated staying in my room. Even when I had to study I would go elsewhere to do it. My mind was always gone elsewhere. Untill I actually left. I always thought about leaving as a good thing. It's good for yourself and the people around you because missing is the...

    1 , 7 years ago
  • Change me

    Dear life, TODAY I'll change you. When I think about what made me consider leaving my hometown to study in the capital and why I dropped my university to study abroad, I remember the very first thing that popped into my mind when seeing all the banners and shared posts...

    2 , 7 years ago
  • Footloose and fancy free

    Most people hate studying mainly because they associate it with school and let's face it, we all hate going to school. But... What if your school looked like this? And no, I don't study in a shopping mall. It's just a little, old regular Norwegian university......

    2 , 7 years ago
  • The crazy cruise to Copenhague

    The moment is here, the moment to talk about the craziest trip when you are on your Erasmus in Oslo. The Cruise of DFDS company (the game which everybody win... ). Everything start with the game. The company DFDS Seaway launches a game on the Internet where everybody...

    0 , 10 years ago
  • My first time... with cross country!

    Hi again readers, sunny weather? We do, but it is incredibly windy, too. Today, it came to me the idea of writing about something useful in Norway, one of the most popular sports: the cross country. You can rent the material or borrow it from someone. I rented the skis...

    1 , 10 years ago
  • Art in Norway... ¿Erotic in Spain?

    Probably you are wondering what I am refering to with that title, right? I am talking about Vigelandsparken or the park of Vigeland, the biggest park of the city of Oslo. The real name is not this one, but everybody call it Vigeland, because it collected more than two...

    0 , 10 years ago
  • Hovedøya, a little island in the Oslo fjord

    Hi there, Erasmus people! Today I will tell you about something really cool - the islands in the Oslo fjord, mainly Hovedøya (the Norwegian pronunciation is absolutely crazy). This is one of the Norwegian islands which are located in the fjord. You can see them from...

    0 , 10 years ago
  • Do you want to come for a walk?

    To live in Oslo is a synonymous of cold and low light in winter, but of long and wonderful walks along the river and its parks when there is good weather. Although not necessarily it has to be in May: sometimes in February and March you can be lucky and have good...

    1 , 10 years ago
  • Yiyecek Nereden Alınır?

    Haftalık alışveriş Erasmus programından önce endişe ettiğiniz konulardan biri, bu yüzden size kendi ip uçlarımı ve Oslo içindeki bir kaç market ismi vereceğim. Zaten çok pahalı bunu biliyorsun ama doğru yerlerden alışverişler yaparak hayatta...

    0 , 10 years ago

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