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  • Sticky Fingers BBQ

    In Leuven there is plenty of burgers restaurant. Maybe even too many, since they are often 50 meters away from one another. I tried few of them: Huis de burgers, Burger folie, Babo's. But no one is as good as Sticky Fingers BBQ. Sticky Fingers is already great starting...

    0 by Gaia, 4 years ago
  • alma

    As a student, I will direct someone to go the Alma to eat. it is affordable for student and the meal is okay.  the city of leuven is full with nice places that you will like to see and enjoy your time. you can as well visit Brussels and ostende where there is beach and...

    0 by Ann, 5 years ago
  • Alma

    Hi again, guys! Today I'm going to talk about food and how to feed yourself easily and cheaply in Leuven. The cheapest place to eat lunch and dinner during your Erasmus exchange in Leuven is the chain of student restaurants called Alma. Don't forget to bring the student...

    0 by Helen, 6 years ago
  • De Werf

    Hi everyone! Let´s talk about food now. De Werf is the most popular restaurant for students in Leuven (and so it was an important place to visit during the first few days! ). So, even if you´re just in Leuven for a few months, you should go there at least once. De...

    0 by Helen, 6 years ago
  • De Wiering

    De Wiering is a very nice traditional Belgian restaurant/brasserie, with a large choice of food (Belgian or not) and a huge number of beers ! It's not the cheapest place to eat, they haven't students menus, but the prices are still ok : 15 - 30 €/pers...

    0 by Matteo, 11 years ago

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