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  • Achmeatoren and Averotoren

    Averotoren An office building in Leeuwarden, it was built in 1991. Now you will think, why is there an office building in the list of important buildings from Leeuwarden. There is a great reason for that, because it is one of the main markers of the city. It is a 77...

    0 by Sanne, 3 years ago
  • Oldenhove

    A cricket tower in the city centre. The question still raises, how is this building still standing? The base is straight, however later it starts to get cricket. This is all because of how it was build. They started straight, and everything went well, until the ground...

    0 by Sanne, 3 years ago
  • Island of Terschelling [Netherlands]

    Could you ever have imagined that The Netherlands has a white-sand endless beach? Well, indeed they have, in Terschelling. Terschelling is just one of the four big islands situated in the north part of the Netherlands, across the Northern Sea. All of them are inhabited...

    0 by Becks, 6 years ago

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