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Erasmus blog Innsbruck

  • What to see and do in Innsbruck, the prettiest city in Austria

    What to see and do in Innsbruck, the prettiest city in Austria Hello again everyone! Today I am continuing on with our chapter on Austria and it is now the turn of the city of Innsbruck, which we visited the day after being in Salzburg. Before visiting this city, I...

    0 by Olivia, 3 years ago
  • Seefeld, on the ski slopes for Ferragosto

    Our travels through Austria continue on to another location east of Innsbruck, Seefeld in Tirol, not far from the German border. Some of you might already know the town for its skiing facilities; specialised in winter sports, Seefeld hosted two editions of the Winter...

    0 by Alison, 3 years ago
  • Going out in Innsbruck

    I have already told you many things about Innsbruck, but none of them ever being about the night life and it's not because there isn't any! Source For those who like a diversity of ambiances and music, I would tell them they have it... pretty complicated. The majority...

    0 by Beth, 5 years ago
  • Jewel of the Alps

    Hello all! Innsbruck was wonderful, as you can read in my previous posts (The Austrian big apple Innsbruck(1), (2)), but I firmly feel that I miss out something. I need to write a brand new post about it. Read it with love! In Innsbruck there is an interesting elevator...

    0 by Dóra, 6 years ago
  • The Austrian big apple - Innsbruck (2)

    Hello all! If I get married and go for honeymoon, I will undoubtedly choose Innsbruck, my favourite city in Austria. Probably the best place in Europe. 10 points for the surrounding Alps, 10 points for the pleasant atmosphere in the city centre, 10 points for...

    0 by Dóra, 6 years ago
  • If the mountain doesn't go to Mohamed...

    Hello all! I'm afraid, this is going to be the hardest post, because it wears the title of my entire blog. The meaning of this saying: 'If the mountain doesn't go to Mohamed, Mohamed will go to the mountain' has a common and a symbolic meaning for me. Theoretically I...

    0 by Dóra, 6 years ago
  • The Austrian big apple - Innsbruck (1)

    Hello all! Due to a religious celebration (St. Maria's day) every Austrian was given a free day. Which happened to be exactly on a Monday, meaning that I have a long weekend to spend at its fullest. I couldn't imagine ever a greater intrigue for a 2 day trip to the...

    0 by Dóra, 6 years ago
  • Bad taste party

    I don't know why, but this party is very popular and famous in Innsbruck (as I know, not just here). At least here, going dressed in a completely untrendy way is a must! It is a quite funny party, where everybody can wear anything they find on their wardrobes, mixing...

    0 by Blanca, 11 years ago
  • My own "Official tour"

    I have already had 2 visits in Innsbruck, and for further ones, I made a kind of "official tour" : Munich, Salzburg and of course Innsbruck. Visit these 3 cities is a great chance, because each one is different and special. Let me tell you why: Munich holds tons of...

    0 by Blanca, 11 years ago
  • Have you ever been in Innsbruck??

    Now, you can have a;feel and like; of this city and surrondings :) http://austria-360.at/tirol/page-bergisel.html http://austria-360.at/tirol/page-i-saeule.html

    0 by Blanca, 11 years ago
  • Accomodation in Innsbruck

    The best and easiest option, from my point of view, is to live in a dorm. Is it possible to stay in a dorm at least for 6 months, one semester (Septembre - February, March - August). Normally, you must pay for the whole semester, even if you leave before (but there are...

    1 by Blanca, 11 years ago
  • Hello hello!

    I have already two blogs, one in Spanish and one in German, so it's the time to start with my English! The content will be more or less the same than in the other two, with curious stuffs about Innsbruck in particular and Tirol in general! Enjoy this beautiful part of...

    4 by Blanca, 11 years ago

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