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  • 20 years old girl from Italy, looking for an accomodation in Hildesheim

    Hi, I am an Italian student, my name is Lorella and I'm 20 years old. I will be studying translation and comunication in Hildesheim the next semester, so I'm looking for an accomodation. I can speak English, German and Spanish. I am kind and friendly.  Please let me...

    2 years ago
  • 3 girls look for a student flat in Hildesheim

    Hi, my name is Aisha and I study Translation and Interpretation in Vigo. My two colleagues and I are looking for a student flat which we could rent. If someone knows about some free one with 3 or 4 bedrooms, please, get in contact with me or send me the information to...

    3 years ago
  • shared flat

    I am a student of leibniz university i come from nigerian currently living with a friend but searching for my own accomodation. Im looking for a shared flat with maximum rent of 400 either in hildesheim or hanover about the type of roomate doesnt matter because i could...

    3 years ago
  • 2 bedroom Accommodation in Hildesheim

    Dear all, I am looking for a 2 bedroom accommodation for me and my wife. We will be moving to Hildesheim in October 1st as my studies will start at Hildesheim University. Your help will be much appreciated. I want a private apartment and if it will be near university,...

    5 years ago
  • 20 year old man from Britain looking for accommodation in Hildesheim

    Two British men looking for accommodation in Hildesheim, Germany. We are not worried about who we live with, although we would be reluctant to share with fellow British people, we are keen to meet people from different places in the world. We will bring no pets with us...

    7 years ago
  • Looking for an accomodation in Hildesheim

    I am Mari Carmen, and I am from Spain. I am studying Translation and Interpreting and I am looking for a flat for my summer semester!! I am a very friendly and open-minded person and I love learning new languages :) I am also a very quiet person and I don't like...

    7 years ago

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