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Erasmus blog Dubai

  • Dubai - the pitstop before Glasgow

    I was warned that the flight from China to Dubai was going to be awful. My sister had prepared me for the impatient customers and chaos due to language barriers. What I wasn’t prepared for was the constant smell of fart and B. O. in the cabin. Nor was I prepared for...

    0 by Linzi, 3 years ago
  • Dubai for Hogmanay

    The flight and time difference hit me hard. I decided to go to visit my sister in Dubi after spending Christams in Ho Chi Minh city, I was in need of some family comfort. Kirsty was working on flight so I had the day to myself. I had planned to get up early and see the...

    0 by Linzi, 3 years ago
  • Hotels in Dubai - Travelers Pick the Best & the Finest

    Dubai is home for some of the world's largest hotels consisting of superior deluxe rooms, executive suites and Royal Suites. Whether you’re looking for beach front villas or a desert stay, Dubai offer an extensive selection of luxury hotels, boutique hotels and budget...

    0 by shabana, 4 years ago

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