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Erasmus blog Cadiz

  • Cadiz - one day trip

    Cadiz - What is worth seeing in this city? Cadiz is for sure one of the cities in Spain that you have to see while living there on your Erasmus - at least that is what everyone have told me. Do I agree with that? Cadiz was really beautiful but I think there are way...

    0 by Alicja, 4 years ago
  • Cadiz.. the Diamond of the south

    Cadiz the city situated in the southeast point of Spain an amazing island dancing the flamingo with the waves of the ocean an infinity world of pleasure and happiness flying in the sky. If you are look for some spiritual inspiration for your soul the cathedrals are so...

    0 by yassine, 4 years ago
  • Day 5: Cádiz

    We took a train to Cádiz, then from there a taxi to get directly to the centre, where we'd booked our Airbnb. The city itself extends over a kind of island, connected to the mainland by some roads. I suddenly realised that at night, Cádiz had something that made it...

    0 by Jasmin, 4 years ago
  • Cádiz

    Happy Saturday afternoon everyone! In the second post of this blog dedicated to Spain I want to describe my experience on my trip to Cádiz, which I had the fortune and pleasure of visiting only once during a 12 day cruise on the Mediterranean and Atlantic sea during...

    0 by Jasmin, 4 years ago
  • Last Night out in Cádiz for 2012

    With some of us leaving Cádiz on 6th December we decided to have one last big night out of 2012 so when M2 started advertising a neon night we decided that would be it. Everyone had resolved to dress up, even if we were the only ones in the club who would do so. We...

    5 by Anonymous, 9 years ago
  • Registering with Cádiz University

    I feel like registering with Cádiz University should earn me a degree on its own! First of all you had to visit the International Office and hand over your acceptance letter (if you had one) and European Health Insurance Card. If, like me, you didn’t have an...

    2 by Anonymous, 10 years ago
  • Old Town city walls Walk

    We decided to spend some time exploring parts of the old part of Cadiz that we hadn’t yet seen, but our first stop was a postcard shop, I selected a couple of postcards with views of Cadiz that I was familiar with to send home to my grandma. We then stumbled across...

    3 by Anonymous, 10 years ago
  • Trip to El Corte Inglés

    Source We had decided to make the trip to El Corte Inglés after having been bombarded with adverts proclaiming its wonders on the TV every time we turned it on. Claire had been to one before in Madrid over the summer, and assured us that we would find everything we...

    1 by Anonymous, 10 years ago
  • A day on the beach

    On Thursday Claire, Kath, Alice and I decided to spend a day at our local beach, La Caleta. We arrived at the beach at around 11.30am, it was already quite busy, most people seemed to have their own chairs and parasols, we quickly resolved to buy our own when we found...

    1 by Anonymous, 10 years ago
  • Settling in

    The first morning in Cádiz, I woke up early, I met up with Claire and we both headed to the University, only a short walk away to sort out registration. We walked along the sea wall, blown away by how pretty it was, this was the first time that I had seen Cádiz in the...

    1 by Anonymous, 10 years ago
  • Hitchhiking in Spain

    I had this idea for a long time, namely to hitch-hike to the sea. Being already a little bit capoerista when I had known that there would be capoeira workshops with Brazilian mestres in Cadiz on the weekend, I and my Peruvian companion decided to try hitch-hiking from...

    0 by Elena, 10 years ago

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