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Erasmus blog Aveiro

  • Travelling to Aveiro – The Portuguese Venice

    Bom dia! Today I will tell you about my trip to Aveiro at the beginning of my Erasmus with a couple of other students. Back then, I didn’t know a lot about Aveiro and especially that it was so beautiful there. However, with time I learnt that it is located on the west...

    0 by Alexandrina, 2 years ago
  • Visiting the beautiful city Aveiro

    During my internship period, I discovered that many cities in the north of Portugal could be visited from Braga which was my residence city using mainly the train as mean of transport and that the travel tickets were not expensive at all, especially to ...

    0 by Marwa, 3 years ago
  • Day trip to Aveiro - 9 Must do’s and see

    I started my trip to Aveiro having in mind the expectation that I would finally see the ‘Venice of Portugal’ everyone praises so much here. I have already visited Venice before so I also imagined some romantic strolls around the canals, boats mirroring in the water,...

    0 by Lavinia, 3 years ago

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