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  • Acropolis

    Athens is an amazing city with so so so many things to do and see. A lot of people are mentioning it as the historical capital of Europe, Acropolis is one of the Unescos world Heritage sites and can be seeing from every point in Athens! A lot of people are...

    0 by Giorgos, one year ago
  • Athens

    Syntagma Station We had the opportunity to discover this amazing country during our summer vacations. First of all we booked our flights with Ryanair and then our acommodation through Booking, also we also checked some houses and private departments Airbnb. Once in...

    0 by Andrea, 2 years ago
  • Aegina Island

    My feelings of wanderlust made my feet itchy to travel and explore the world. I want to make memories at destinations I was unaware of. So last July my heart took me to Athens, 'The City of Gods' as we all know it. There's this picturesque beauty about Athens that got...

    0 by Hadil, 6 years ago
  • The Recycle Art

    A new place in Athens for artists where music events, bazaars, exhibhtions, seminars, workshops are happening. Also the vintage part and the biocafe are open everyday and specially at the rooftop with the monadic view you can enjoy your cafe, tea, herbs, traditional...

    0 by panagiota, 6 years ago
  • Acropolis

    Hello there, An absolute must, visit Acropolis...twice! Go for the first time and then go for a second time round too! :) It will travel you centuries back, if you are quiet, you might even hear the ancient Athenians discussing! Study the unique architecture, see the...

    0 by Pady, 7 years ago
  • Acropolis Rocks

    You can see whole Athens at a single galnce. There is no cafe and grocery, so you can bring your drinks to the Acropolis Rocks and enjoy the watching Athens. It would be better to go at the evening hours if you want to have a chat with your friends. Just be carefull,...

    0 by Ali, 7 years ago

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