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Erasmus blog Angers

  • Supermarkets VS Local markets

    If you would ever try to reach me and I am unreachable, it is probably that I am in a French supermarket. I get lost in their supermarkets every time. When I go shopping in the Albert Heijn in the Netherlands, I just go through all the aisles of the supermarket and get...

    0 by Sophie, 5 years ago
  • Tour at Cointreau

    Talking about bad preparation… Working in a restaurant, seeing bottles of Cointreau at least twice a week and still not being aware of the fact that Cointreau is a product from Angers. It blew my mind when our teachers told us this. Cointreau, a liqueur that is sold...

    0 by Sophie, 5 years ago
  • My first days in Angers

    Yesterday around 5PM we arrived in Angers. We drove all the way to Angers in my little car, which did an amazing job (worth to mention because of trust issues). It was a long drive of 10 hours, but definitely not boring. Driving into France and seeing the landscape...

    0 by Sophie, 5 years ago
  • Supermarkets, which one to choose?

    Like I've said, the price difference between supermarkets here is massive, so big in fact I've decided to dedicate an entire post to it. The first week I was with my parents, and taking advantage of the fact we had a car we had a look round at a few different...

    0 by Jake, 7 years ago

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