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  • CoCo

    CoCo Bubble tea seemed like one of those trends that become the flavour of the month and then disappear to the abyss of outdatedness which is the fate for most trends. However, Bubble tea (or Boba) has spread around South East Asia like fire and has been spreading like...

    0 by Michael, 3 years ago
  • Ballaboosta

    Like dining in Lebanon Todays restaurant is going to be a hidden gem found a bit far from the most commercial eatery streets of Adelaide: Ballaboosta. To get to this restaurant you will need to travel to the South Eastern part of Halifax street. It is basically found on...

    0 by Michael, 3 years ago
  • Adelaide University Eateries

    If you’re looking to live within the area of Adelaide city and you’re looking for a place packed with fellow international and exchange students then look no further. Located on Grote street you have the University of Adelaide Village. This accommodation is the...

    0 by Michael, 3 years ago
  • Charlesworth Nuts

    One thing I enjoy about the city of Adelaide is its many themed stores that specialise on types of products. In this case we are shown Charlesworth, a peanut store. What makes this place particularly good is its large variety and high quality products. I used to come...

    0 by Michael, 3 years ago
  • Hahndorf

    The Hahndorf Inn is the most German offering experience you can get in Adelaide. The area of Hahndorf is located thirty minutes by car. If you’re visiting Adelaide it may be wise to rent a car to explore the area of Hahndorf. However, we shall predominantly focus on...

    0 by Michael, 3 years ago
  • Cold Rock

    Scorching day This one was inspired after checking the weather in Adelaide for this coming saturday. You wake up on a beautiful Adelaidian day. Its 8 AM (who even wakes up this early in the break?) summer's day and already 28 degrees.celsius. Your groggy mind somehow...

    0 by Michael, 3 years ago

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