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  • The Santo Domingo de la Calzada Cathedral

    Cathedral Santo Domingo de la Calzada As I start this article, we are going to begin talking about the context of the cathedral. That is to say, discovering its location and speaking a little about its history. The history of the city of Santo Domingo de la...

    0 by Kate, 2 years ago
  • San Pedro Mountain, A Coruña

    Hello, I would like to recommend Monte de San Pedro in La Coruña as great place to visit. It's a hill nearby the city with awesome environment and horizont. The trip to Monte begins on beaches of La Coruña a and continues along the ocean coast. You can go there by two...

    0 by Jan, 3 years ago
  • Plaza De Toros De Alfaro

    I had the chance to go see a bull fight in Alfaro, La Rioja. Bull fighting is one of the many Spanish traditions. However some areas in Spain like Cataluña do not see this as a tradition and have forbid it in their state. When I arrived the place was beautiful, a very...

    0 by Lauren, 5 years ago
  • Torre de Hercules

    The Torre de Hercules was one of my absolute favorite places to visit in La Coruña. It is a popular place for relaxing upon the rocks that sit by the ocean, or for a run or a nice picnic. The story behind the tower contains a legend that you can read about here.

    0 by Rhea, 6 years ago

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