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Victor Ekuri

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Victor Ekuri

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Attività di Victor

  • Esperienza

    Experience in Lagos, Nigeria by Victor

    What is it like to live in Lagos? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Apart from the expensive rents due to the large population of over 21,000,000 plus,Lagos is just a good place to stay in. Cheap good stuffs and other items. But in terms of electricity, is...

    1 da Victor in Esperienze Erasmus Lagos, 4 anni fa
  • Coinquilino

    My roommate my confidant

    I am a kind and gentle,down to earth and optimistic about new things.... I love making friends and having fun times together...   I am looking for shared apartments. Probably a two room well furnished...    I need roommates who will find it interesting to share with...

    in Coinquilini Porto, 4 anni fa
  • Esperienza

    A Carnivorous Town...

    On those days,fear griped  the minds of visitors and pass-a-by who always use the link roads through this carnivorous town to the city.   Ugep, is a town in the southern part of a Nigerian state, Cross River. The inhabitants of this community believe that humans are...

    0 da Victor in Esperienze Erasmus UNN , 4 anni fa
  • Nuove foto in Lagos

    galleria aggiornata, 4 anni fa
  • Blog

    Laughable Invention

    Funny inventions in my country. As a student thought of something more efficient than the apple company products.  He'd spent time trying to come up with new superceeding ideas that could compare with the Apple products. Even though,he's got an idea, he lacks the...

    0 da Victor in Notizie Erasmus, 4 anni fa
  • Coinquilino

    21 year old, looking for shared accommodation in Porto.

    I am fair in complexione, from a decent catholic background. 173cm tall. Very friendly and enthusiastic about new things. I like it when people are happy. And i am talented in acting and singing, hoping to join a music band upon my stay. Fluent in English, willing to...

    in Coinquilini Porto, 4 anni fa

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