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  • 10 / 10 points

    Summer 2013: Ibiza

    For sure you’ve heard about Ibiza and its nightlife, beaches, paella and sunset, but it’s certainly not the same to hear about it than to live it. We know not everyone wants the same. With us, you can customize your trip so that you can live your own Ibiza...

    0 par Footprintstravel, il y a 5 ans
  • 9 / 10 points

    Bilbao and Laser tag

    With this visit, you can get to know the other main town in the area: Bilbao. Without doubt the Guggenheim is what characterizes, but Bilbao has lots of other things such as a large shopping avenue, the San Mames stadium or streets full of restaurants. But the day...

    0 par Footprintstravel, il y a 5 ans
  • 6 / 10 points

    Karaoke Night

    Are you a good singer? Join the Karaoke. Aren’t you? Join us as well. You can sing or not but don’t miss the karaoke experience with all your mates, it’s always fun, promise! Have no shame, there are songs of all styles and tastes; and also you have a drink...

    0 par Footprintstravel, il y a 5 ans
  • 9 / 10 points

    Tobotronic and Snowmobiles

    Naturlandia is a natural park located in Sant Julià de Loria, close to Andorra. It’s famous for its Tobotronc: the longest natural toboggan in the world. This is a two-seater sleigh that takes you through the forest during 5.3 km and the best thing is you can choose...

    0 par Footprintstravel, il y a 5 ans

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