well-experienced teacher of the Dutch language in Rotterdam

  • Anja Clous · Teaches: Dutch
    Speaks: DutchA1

Do you want to learn Dutch to integrate better in The Netherlands ?
Do you want to speak real-life, social Dutch ?
Choose for the native languagetrainer Anja Clous of the Language Training Centre in Rotterdam. Identify your goals and use actual life experiences to guide you through acquiring language skills that you can explore right away in your neighbourhood, citytour, to visit a museum, to walk in the park or a meet up in a local café. Language Training Centre Rotterdam offers high-quality and well-reviewed Dutch trainings at all kind of levels for the Unilever expats and immigrants. These in-company trainings will focus on learning by doing and will provide students with the tools to cope with everyday situations. During the lessons, students will also learn basic grammar to support active speaking and to help build confidence. All the levels are based on daily topics as : introducing yourself, going shopping, ordering at cafés and restaurants,forms etc.

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35 € / per hour

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