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Three different accommodations I have tasted

Here, I would like to compare three different accommodations in three countries I have been experienced so far. If you are a huge reader of my posts, you know that I started my master in Montpellier, then Prague, and now in Enschede. I also have explained to you on how my scholarship works and how much I get per month for the living cost. Well, if you don't want to look back on my posts, my monthly living cost is 1000 eur from Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree scholarship. So, this accomodation thing plays important role on how much I can save from that per month. 

Montpellier - Cité Universitaire Boutonnet

In France, most of the student dormitories are arranged by an organization called CROUS. You apply through their websites and also pay to them. You can get variable price from 250 eur until 600 eur. For 250 eur, the one that I got it was 9 meters square with private bathroom and shared kitchen. However to be honest, this room was suffocating for us. I mean, 9 meter square is indeed squeezing you down unless you go outside a lot. 

(+) Good price (247 eur per month) 

(+) Able to apply for CAF (goverment help for french when you got your OFII residence permit). I got 85 eur discount from the 247 eur per month 

(+)Cite U Boutonnet has huge garden area and made me feel like living in a kingdom complex 

(+)There is fitness and vollyball facilities 

(+) There is very good CROUS restaurant that sells lunch and dinner for 3.25 eur for salad, main course and dessert. People got crazy on this and I could not find anyplace like this elsewhere. Their food are good too. 

(+) Near to the tram stop 

(+) It has Recycle Boutique where you can get cooking utensils from previous students that you can borrow during your stay and where you can donate yours at the end of your stay. This is so far the best part so I did not buy any cooking utensils there at all. Reduce, reuse, recycle concept was truly applied here. 

(+) There are cleaning staffs everyday to clean your shared kitchen and corridors 

(+) There is 24h/7 office so it gives you more security and service in the middle of the night

(+) Access is only by card

(+) 5mins cycling to nearest supermarket 

If you have bigger budget you can rent the studio so you have bigger room and private kitchen also. 

(-) The room is so small (9 meters square)

(-) The services are not so friendly if you do not speak french 

(-) Only one laundry room with several machines for 5 buildings and you have to walk there. You have to pay for washing and drying (total around 6 eur)

(-) Complicated check in and check out procedure with some documents to fill in 

(-) No system to check if you receive mail or shipments you have to check yourself to the Accueil 

(-) 30 mins walking to university 

(-) You need to apply min. 3 months before your arrival to be able to get a place 

(-) No place to store lugagge in the reception 

Three different accommodations I have tasted

Three different accommodations I have tasted

Three different accommodations I have tasted

Three different accommodations I have tasted

Prague - Kolej Sazava

Three different accommodations I have tasted

Three different accommodations I have tasted

Located in Prague 11, I can not say the location is so good, but the price and facilities are so far the best of all. 

(+) Staffs are more willing to speak English and more helpful

(+) The room is so big I think it was aroung 14m2 for bedroom and then you share kitchen and bathroom with your flatmate only. There is huge storage room and it feels like a house with only around 4800 CZK per month around 190 eur 

(+)Only 10 mins walk to a big shopping mall called Chodov

(+) Has several good restaurants in the complex and grocery shop 

(+) There is study room and piano room, gym facilities 

(+) There are vending machines 

(+) There is 24/7 reception 

(+) Laundry is in every floor and you can book it for a whole day, free

(+) There is a place to put your luggage when you check out 

(+) If you receive something for a mail/package you will get an email and your name will be written in the board

(+) They have lobby to work 

(+) They have IT center to deal with any problem of internet connection 

(+) There are rooms rented for seminars 

(+) There are cleaning staff taking your garbage every morning, and clean the corridors, also your stove every month

(-) We need ethernet cable to be able to connect to the internet

(-) So far from university (45 minutes by bus, twice changing metro) 

(-) Complicated check out procedure, same as the one in France 

(-) Our neighbor building was crazy of party so It was like New Year's Eve every night and I have complained twice 

(-) 30 mins from city center 

Enschede - Witbreuksweg 

This is gonna be my home for 1 year, unlike the previous ones it was only for 6 months. 

Three different accommodations I have tasted

(+) The room is just fine and correct in terms of size and layout, the restroom are spacious. It does not give me the feeling of living in a capsule hotel

(+) It is located amidst the forst of Witbreuksweg so you basically have fresh air every day 

(+) Responsive service if you contact them

(+) All well managed under De Veste 

(+) More interactions with neighbor

(+) The internet connection of Eduroam is kind of stable 

(+) Check in and check out procedure are so simple and organized 

(+) There is one bus stop in the entrance however, it is expensive (2.30 eur to go to city center)

(+) You can also apply for governmental aid, but in that case you have to live in unshared properties. I can not becase I share kitchen with other 10 people

(+) If you are lucky, the place is so quiet and good for studying (if you do not have noisy neighbors)

(-) Overall it looks dirty from the entrance, hall and kitchen

(-) Sometimes the postman just put your letters in the communal box instead of your private mailbox

(-) Price twice to third as the one before (402 eur per month)

(-) No cleaning staff to work daily but once a month only 

(-) Far from everything (min. 15 minutes cycling to every important place) 

(-) No lobby, no reception, everything is centralized in De Veste office and security of campus in Bastille building which are 15 mins cycling from my room

(-) The signage and the lighting of the road and room is so minimum that you feel like you are going to sleep in a camp tonight in the jungle 

(-) This is only for 1 year contract for international students. So, we have to move next year.

Well, the whole moving thing were indeed exhausting. So if you are enrolled to the same program as mine, be prepared mentally and physically to adapt with new environments and deal with new accommodation problems and staffs. Good luck on finding your own!

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