Experience in University of Tehran, Iran by Pardis

Generally, what is University of Tehran like?

University of Tehran is located in the city center in Enqelab street with a considerable crowd of people and numerous bookstores and cafes near the university. The campus itself consists of different buildings for different fields of study and a green area of trees along side the ways, in the center and around the corners. Many of the faculties are located separately in other streets not very far from the main campus.

What are the facilities like?

Studying facilities are not bad, there is a library almost in every faculty, so is Wi-Fi connection. The university's self service buffet is not advised since the food is low in quality. However there are a few regular buffets that may not always be interesting, but You can always ask for a cup of tea and a few other beverages and a few factory made snacks or you can order a meal for for lunch or breakfast but the options are not that many. There are only a few sports activities such as a swimming pool, a basketball, volleyball and a badminton court.

What are the tutors like?

I have met qualified, knowledgeable and dedicated professors in University Of Tehran. However, I have also met only a few teachers, that were unqualified in my opinion.

Are the lessons easy in University of Tehran?

The lessons are not easy since University Of Tehran is one of the top 3 schools of higher education in Iran. But in comparison to Erasmus University they are not very hard, I can say they are the same level.
Aside from being easy or difficult, the lessons are taught in the national language: Persian (Farsi). In Masters courses however, almost all the materials (books, literature and etc) are in English and there are professors that might agree to teach in English because the size of graduate classes are usually small (8 to 20 students). There are students who are excellent in speaking English (and sometimes French, German or Spanish), however, not everyone understands English very well because there are always Persian translation of the materials found in the libraries and book stores.

Does the University organise activities? If so, what are they like?

Sometimes, very rarely. It depends on the faculty. The faculty of economics (where I studied) does not organise many activities. The only activities that interested me in my own faculty was the debates of famous businessmen or economists or speeches given by them from time to time or workshops held by them. But I can say again there are not a sufficient number of them.
In other facilities, like Faculty of Arts , Literature, Technology and Engineering, or Medical studies, however, there are sometimes (not very often) theatres, contests, concerts and other shows which usually all students from different faculties can attend.

Do you think there is a good quality of teaching?

In mathematical, scientific and technical studies I can say this University is very strong.
In the field of Management and in implying the social sciences in reality, I think Iranian institutions are generally very weak.

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