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Responsible Personal Assistant

  • Job vacancy: Responsible Personal Assistant
  • Number of vacancies: 1

I am 29 years old lady with a lot on her plate. I would very much appreciate a highly responsible individual that is capable to organise me, my time and work as efficiently as possible. 

There are no fixed hours for the job or a particular location for work. The individual is expected to be enthusiastic, kind, friendly. Above all he is to be honest, encouraging, helpful and strongly embracing the value of intergrity. An interest in charity and social enterpreneurship is of great value. 

Tasks include things like making sure I am awake in the morning at the right time and in the right place straight after. Encouraging me to keep up to my agenda and suggesting new ideas related to that agenda - the type of activities I am involved in. Double checking the progress I am doing concern my work - know my goals and enforce them to be met, including reminding me of deadlines and enforcing them. Double-checking that the period I am going through is not too stressful and if it is, offer healthy suggestions on juices, manicures and other good stress release ideas. Planning my trips and making sure they are all in a coherent order in terms of priority. 

Basically you have to make sure that I am thriving in terms of my own programme, while ensuring I am at my best possible state to perform. If you are Christian Orthodox, the work might be easier for you as I do dedicate time to Church services and wish to visit monasteries. 

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