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Discovering another dance

Published by Yosra Brini — 14 days ago

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Bulgarian dance
Two years later I have tried the Indonesian dance with Indonesian students in my was difficult but not more than Bulgarian dance.. I have tried it this year exactly the day of celebrate the independence with Erasmus students and Bulgarian people from different ages in front of the national theatre..then, I have tried it again two other times in different places (look at the pictures) . I loved that dance.. It realised with catching the hands together and on the rythm of traditional (folk) songs we making an acts with our feet and laughing . . It was full of joy and ambiance.. Catching hands in that traditional dance for me is a symbol of love and fraternity.. It was the most amazing dance that I tried but until now I can't do it correctly especially the action of feet.. I seemed too dumb and funny when I did it for the first time haha but they was very happy to teach me the basics and now I became a good dancer ? (not professional but not bad hahaha)

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