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Arribes del Duero National Park

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Wonderful Landscape

Published by Dangerous Redhead — one year ago

There is a really dope national park on the northern border between Spain and Portugal, the Arribes del Duero National Park. You can see a really nice landscape waterfalls and the river called Duero. There are a lot of hiking trails because this park is very big. If you search in the internet you can find long routes or small ones for only 2-3 hours like we did. When there is good weather and the water is a little bit warmer you could swim in the pools down the waterfalls:

Wonderful Landscape

I can really recommend this one because there is absolutely NOBODY. You got the whole park for yourself. And besides all this nice landscape, the waterfalls and the nice hiking trails you have incredible views because this is a mountain region where you can look down on the river more than 100 meters!

Wonderful Landscape

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