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Where to eat in Perugia

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Where to eat in Perugia

Published by Ever changing horizon — 8 days ago

Where to eat in Perugia?

Here is my ranking of the best restaurants in Perugia:

The typical Italian cuisine is very good ... and also the typical Umbrian cuisine is very good !!!
In Perugia there are many excellent restaurants!

1) the first place on my list of the best places to eat in Perugia there is the restaurant: "La Taverna".

La Taverna earns the first place, not only for the food, but also for its location ... the restaurant is located in the historic center of the city, so you can easily go there on foot, if you are in the center and you have not rented a car. Every time I go to Perugia, I make sure that "La Taverna" is on my schedule.

The food and the service are wonderful. Claudio, the chef/owner, lived in the US for many years and speaks English very well. The staff is very polite and very friendly! They treated us with homemade chocolate liqueurs, at the end of our dinner.

2) In my ranking there must necessarily be a pizzeria. So, if you want to taste a great pizza in Perugia, I suggest you go to the pizzeria: "Luna Rossa".

It is located, exactly, in Ripa, in Via Gualdese, at number 5AIt is a family-run pizzeria run by Neapolitans. 

The pizza is really delicious! And prices are very good!!!








The place is not huge, but it is very welcoming. It has a large parking and a wonderful terrace from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the countryside of Perugia. The location is wonderful!!!


The staff is extremely friendly and helpful!!! The service is fast and waiting times are short. However, I always advise you to book. The telephone number for reservations are the followings: 0039075602119 - 00393939201902 - 00393318782142 (the latter is answered by the owner's daughter, who speaks Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Romanian).

The pizzeria is also equipped with free wi-fi, a bathroom for handicapped people, and also sells cigarettes and scratch cards. 

It is open every day from the 6:30 in the morning until the 13:00 in the afternoon. And from the 15:30 in the afternoon until the 23:00 in the night. During the morning, it works as a bar, and it is very good for the breakfast and for the aperitif!!!






3) Another great place to eat, in Perugia, is: "Borgomela".

My husband is a great researcher, and he always seems to find these great restaurants...wherever we go! If you want to taste the traditional Umbrian cuisine, this is the right place!!!

But you need to have a car to get forewarned: the restaurant is down a graveled road, and can be a little bit difficult to find it. It is very easy to miss the turn pay a lot of attention!!!

Coming from the back entrance with our car, we already could feel the beautifful atmosphere hanging over the restaurant. This place doesn’t only serve delicious food... it serves the whole experience!!! The location is wonderful!!! The staff is very friendly and helpful! The service is perfect! Prices are good! 

4) Another great restaurant where I recommend eating in Perugia is: "Il Vizio".

It is located in a hotel, in Via Bruno Buozzi. It offers modern italian food and sushi. All plates are very good! The sushi is really fresh and delicious!!! They even grate fresh wasabi for you and they have two different types of soy sauce!!!

The staff is very friendly and helpful! The service is perfect!. Prices are a little bit higher than in the other restaurant of Perugia, but the quality of food is very high!!! Do not forget to taste the desserts!!! They are really delicious!!!

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